Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Really Don't Get This

Today I made a few changes to the ol' blog. A best hits collection, new name, new logo and more ads. I know. I totally sold out. Well not completely. Ad revenues aren't driving editorial content. Fuck them if they think I'm going to censor myself. Still there's something I just don't understand about the ads. Today Google made $10.47 so far and I get a $1.63. I don't get it. Last month Google made over 90 bucks and I got less then three. In one day I get more then half what I made in the two weeks I've been sponsored. My hit count went through the roof today. Mostly that was me reloading the pages to check my HTML. Still, there were also thirty unique address hits today. That's three times my average so far. Either every one I know checked my blog at once or I have tons of new fans. I did get some feedback from someone in Wisconsin. I don't know anyone in Wisconsin. So welcome. Pull up a chair. I'm bitching about Macintosh Virii or Windmills tomorrow.


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