Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sick of La Mancha

Cape Cod can munch on a bowl of my nuts. That statement is going to come back and haunt me while I run for Senate when Ted Kennedy dies. Fuck’em, the South Shore can burn in hell. I’m tired of hearing them whine about how they don’t want the windmills. “They’re too nasty. They’ll ruin our view. They’ll scare fish. Windmill farms have already proven to wreck havoc on migrating birds.” Fuck the fish and the birds. While you’re at it, fuck the blue salamanders as well. I’m god damned sick and tired of limousine liberals with a scorching case of ‘not-in-my-backyard’ syndrome doing an ideological 180 when it means they’ll have to take a bite of the turd sandwich the rest of us eat every day. It’s almost as insulting as ‘just-not-with-my-daughter’ racism.

The South Shore has the clean nuclear power plant. The North Shore has the PG&E coal power plant in Salem. We’ve been taking it up the ass with breast cancers and filthy cars for decades. It’s completely impossible to keep the silver clean. Barnstable just doesn’t want to lose out on the view. Fuck that. I’ve been looking at smoke stacks all my life. And I have to pay three god damned dollars to drive into Boston. How come they drive in for free?

Personally, I don’t think windmills are all that ugly. Lisa and I once drove 8 hours out of our way to see the ranch in Palm Springs. It’s marvelous. Sure, God made the oceans, wind and sky; they’re beautiful. Men make windmills and they’re just as stunning. Even more so given our limited tool set and palate.

The debate has raged now for five years. Environmental groups are split with many favoring the development and just as many opposed. Fighting the power plant with the EPA isn’t going to work this time. The builder has vowed to follow state and federal regulations for the planning and construction. Ultimately what will settle the debate will probably be the voters. I just hope that we all get to vote, the whole state not those privileged enough to live in Hyannis. What it will come down to is the question of what is more important, clean energy for a state that desperately demands it or some smug yuppies and the view off the back of their beach front McMansion. If it makes any difference, the leader of the opposition to the windmill project is a Kennedy. Fuck him too.
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