Sunday, December 18, 2005

More on March Madness

So OK, it's official. The dollar is useless. Spot Gold is going through the roof, up about $100 over per ounce prices last year and rising. Now Russia and China have signed a mutual defense treaty. This comes just in time for Putin to announce that Russia will be the "protector" of the muslem world. Israel is threatening to blow up nuclear reactors in Iran, an act of war that will result in the slaughter of our ground forces in Iraq. Why are American soldiers threatened by a skirmish between Tel Aviv and Tehran? Look at a map. They're sitting directly in the middle of the two countries.

Now why is the month of March so important here? Remember we're going to stop reporting the M3 money supply. Oh and Iran is going to stop pricing their oil in dollars and start pricing in euros. Both these events are sceduled for March. Sometime after that our national debt is going to come back and bite us in the ass. Unless we can stop Iran from changing over to the euro. The last oil producing nation to switch to the euro was Iraq in 2000. See how well that worked out for them.

Israel is picking a fight with Iran backed up by their nuclear arsenal that will ultimately put us at war with Russia and China. Now they have ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads just like we do. I'm not saying we're headed for a nuclear conflict but we are much closer to World War III then we were when Ronald Reagan outlawed Russia and threatened to begin the bombing in 12 minutes.


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