Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well That's Odd

OK, It turns out that "Day Without A Mexican" was a legitimate sick day for the dishwasher I filled in for. Thrown out sholder. I filled in as a "Steward" again today and will be back there tomorrow.

The odd thing I speak of is my hit counter. Unique hits for the last six days, starting with the day before I pissed that Jesse character off. 72 (about normal, maybe low but within one standard deviation ) 529 (Thanks again, Jesse) 96 (A bit high by two standard deviations for a week day and really high for a weekend, maybe some of Jesse's readers stopped by) Then this is what gets me puzzled. Sunday I get 364 hits. Monday brings in 251 and today I get 49. I didn't post this morning so I figure those who visit me on an RSS feed stayed home. Sunday and Monday traffic is unexplainable to me. So as of this post, I have 49 for the day. Tomorrows post will be in the evening as well so maybe tomorrows number will go up from tonights post when folks get to wherever they check their readers in the morning.

Stay tooned!

PS I don't know if the guy was an asshole or being ironic but today I saw a bumpersticker that read "How many dead GI's does your gasguzzling SUV get per gallon?" It was on a Ford F-150 King Cab 4X4. My 10 year old Tacoma gets 24-26 mpg depending on what octane I burn. That 4 door pickup truck, second only to a red Porsche as a sign of midlife crisis, gets 16-18 highway MPG. It was the only bumpersticker on the truck so absent a Darwin Fish or an Eagle I can't tell if it's irony or asshattery.


Blogger Bry said...

If it's not irony it is even more ironic.

May 2, 2006, 11:27:00 PM  
Blogger RicketyFunk said...

That seems like the kind of bumpersticker I would vandalize a gas-guzzeling truck with.

Sometimes when someone pisses me off, I'll put a bumpersticker on their car, and an ironic one at that.

May 3, 2006, 2:34:00 PM  
Blogger Dean ASC said...

Nothing smells worse then spoiled lamb.

May 3, 2006, 3:38:00 PM  

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