Friday, September 15, 2006

I Knew It!

So that's why I'm so rich.

No really I once dated a girl 'cough' Stephanie 'cough' who couldn't handle the fact that on Fridays (not every night just that one) I would come home from work by way of "Brandy Pete's". She just could not wrap her blondie haired head around the idea that I might be still fucking working when I said "Why, yes boss. I'd love to get a beer before I go home."

How late would I come home? 7:00 pm. An hour and a half later then I normally would.


Blogger coffeesnob3 said...

I see that study as backwards.
If you make 7% more money (or more) than your neighbor you can AFFORD to go out for drinks socially. (Otherwise you just buy a six pack and wallow in NASCAR when you git home)
By the way, come to my place - we'll treat our regulars right.

Sep 15, 2006, 8:07:00 AM  
Blogger RicketyFunk said...

That study is horse piss!

I drink all the time and make significantly less than most people combined.

Hell, I'm drunk right now and my boss isn't giving me a raise for my "social skills"

Sep 15, 2006, 9:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

At the end of the day, Stephanie might have been OK with it if you picked up the phone to tell her. It's amazing how if you simply let someone know what's going on -- how things turn out much better than showing up late and pimpin' the story.

Sep 15, 2006, 11:04:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Of course, it all evens out. The increased pay for those who socialize around work is offest by the cost of the drinks.

Sep 15, 2006, 4:07:00 PM  
Blogger Dean ASC said...

I did call her. Every other day I would leave work at 5 be home before 5:20 and wait until after 6 when she got home. On Friday I'd be home less then an hour after she got in and it was a problem. I don't have to call if it's an every week thing that she knows about ahead of time. And she did have the option of meeting me out. She just had an idea about what life should be like and couldn't handle the fact that I was in charge of me.

Sep 15, 2006, 9:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Marty said...

Knowing Stephanie and Dean what he says it true. She is a control freak. Also, given the industry Dean was in he had to go out for beers. It was expected.

Sep 21, 2006, 9:12:00 PM  
Blogger Dean ASC said...

I knew Marty would remember.

Sep 24, 2006, 8:22:00 AM  

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