Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Talkin bout my motivation

My priorities are to rile up my generation and get our voice in gear so we can do some fixin of the ramshackle messes that our parents generation is leaving us with. The boomers have had 60 years to do something with this world and I see them leaving it a mess, full of half completed projects and outright frauds. I would like to avoid the day when they all vote themselves special entitlements to my children’s future. I think Douglas Coupland said it best when he said that the last dollar of Social Security would go toward installing a Blaupunkt into Robin Williams' jewel encrusted walker. So if I focus on negativity it's only because I'm a problem solver at heart and you can't solve a problem until you identify the problem.

If anyone doubts how much damage the baby boomers have done need only remind themselves that George Bush is a baby boomer.


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