Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Other News

While "World War III" or is it IV has unoficially started in Lebanon I thought it would be nice to take note of another bit of news that might not have been noticed.

The United States managed to send a Space Shuttle into the sky and bring it back without asploding all over Texas. Way to go. Now we're 1 for 1 since the last major space disaster at NASA.

In other news, while NASA celebrates not fucking things up, private citizen Robert Bigelow inflated the first segment of his own space station which he hopes will be the first private hotel in space. Owner of Comfort Suites, Bigelow will beat Conrad Hilton's heirs to bring Stanley Kubrick's vision to reality.

So it's the United States Government celebrating mediocrity while a man nobody has ever heard of, with the help of the Russians brings the possibility of space travel to the average man.


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