Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'm taking the day off. It's after 1PM and I'm still in bed. Last night I chaperoned the sophomore semi-formal dance at the Nahant Country Club. 5 alcohol free hours but they did serve us rubbery chicken.

It occured to me that the reason why I am so comfortable teaching is that I'm in very familiar surroundings. I teach science in a typical science classroom. There is a big long lecture bench along the edge of the room. There are tables in the middle of the room. I stand on one side of the bench which is surrounded by people trying to get my attention. It's exactly like bartending. It's probably why I've been dying for a cigarette since labor day.

And when did they stop letting teachers drink? I remember chaperones during every prom sneaking into the bar for a quick one. They went in shifts. Some of them even came back into the ballroom rocks glass in hand.



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