Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Don't Know Who Wrote This

I don't know who wrote this but it needs to be read and passed along.

For those who don't know, FEMA has built detention camps in every state. It's not a conspiracy theory if it's true. Again, I didn't write the rest of this. I don't know who did.

Boy! That's a lot of concentration camps! Do they intend to feed the people they put in there?
My considered answer: One of the main advantages tyrants have in establishing their dictatorship is that people over estimate the human spirit and the effects of their deadly, blind fanatical worship of nationalism. A healthy national pride is good and normal, but, a fanatical national pride is both dangerous and easily manipulated, as we saw with Hitler's manipulation of German nationalism AKA Nazism. Just as Satan's biggest lie is to convince us he doesn't exist, the tyrants biggest lie is to convince us everything he is doing is for our good and our countries good, while leading the lambs to the slaughter. While plans are being established to subjugate the masses most people respond by brave and boisterous talk, but little or no action. The majority simply say "It doesn't affect me, I am a patriot" as with Germany under Hitler and the Soviet Union under bloody Stalin. By the time a few would have the courage to resist the movement into a dictatorship it is already too late, the gates have closed. Tyranny begins in the inner circles of power, strategic steps are taken, alliances are established and the forces of control are carefully put in place, then with all the resources at their command the move to control the masses, either by intimidation (fear tactics) or by force (martial law). The sheep (masses) will do the bidding of the masters, they will follow any bell that rings, just as the churches (Christians) in the coming days will have their own brothers and sisters put to death and think they do God's service, having believed the lies and propaganda. We see this from the first grade of school, right on through life, the crowd follows whatever is popular at the moment. Only the few, the brave, the informed will dare stand alone and resist the enemy. Only after the fight is over and the danger has passed will the masses join the fray and attempt to take credit for the victory (historical fact). As far as depending on securing an "Army of resistance" from among those "angry souls" who have been cast into concentration camps, this would be another pipe dream. Feeding of the imprisoned would be the last priority of the dictatorial government. On the contrary, with holding food and medical treatment would quickly take the fight out of those in the camps. Daily torture and humiliation would be their lot in life now, this serves to dehumanize them and remove all thoughts of resistance. Trust in our fellow man soon breaks down and we do not know friend from foe. This move began with "Neighborhood Watch" a planned spy program and now causes neighbor to distrust neighbor. This has evolved in our own government spying on all of us as citizens. When hunger sets in poor health soon follows, sickness and disease are the copartners of hunger. When one is sick and hungry the will to fight quickly diminishes, a man then sells his soul for a piece of bread. Every well prepared Army fights on its stomach, this is a well documented and historical fact. If people are going to protect and defend their freedoms they are best equipped to do so while they are free and healthy and have the means to resist, not after being imprisoned and armed UN soldiers standing over them with weapons. No one has bothered to think about who will be guarding these concentration camps. It certainly wont be American soldiers, although most military personnel are now totally brain washed just as the Nazi military was and would kill American civilians at the command of their owners the "Corporate/Military complex." It will be UN soldiers who guard the concentration camps and enforce martial law, these wont think twice about placing a bullet in our heads because most have no love for Americans. I believe it is time for American's to start thinking logically and forgetting the dream that 250 million Americans would rise up and fight the coming terrorism of the present dictatorship, the present trend betrays that belief. As is evident, these "master minds" of our destruction already have the nation divided into two components of "red" and "blue" factions. Stalin had over seventy-million of his own Russian comrades murdered, most ordinary citizens and innocent of any wrong doing, in order to eliminate any resistance. Hitler had all of his opposition eliminated, yet the masses followed these bloody tyrants in patriotic fervor, out of fear and for bread (food). They both, Stalin and Hitler, hurriedly surrounded themselves with ultra loyalist (sound familiar)? Why would we expect Americans who can't even get along with each other and now have the entire world hating us to respond any differently? If the American people were concerned, the first thing they would do would be to eliminate every incumbent in Washington and continue on down to the State level until every self serving and special interest crook has been replaced and start all over with a new government slate, one who doesn't consider our constitution as "just a G-D piece of paper." I don't mean trust the false and illegal "voting system" I mean send those in power now back to their homes, or to jail and replace them all. Out of almost three-hundred million American citizens, why do we always end up with "only" two or three of the same candidates from the same rotten pot every election? Why do we always end up with a choice between an "Eastern Diamond Back rattler" and a "Western Diamond Back rattler?" That is like telling us we have two choices, they are, shut up or be quiet. America needs to wake up and get out of our dream world and face reality for a change, sadly, it is almost too late now. Surely there are enough capable leaders in this nation to provide a better choice than we've had, why do they all come from the Masonic order, the Skull and Bones, or the Illumnati? Why do we have to "settle" for the "Bush's" or the "Clinton's," or the "Kennedy's?" Why do they all somehow prove to be blood kin? Isn't there something very wrong with this picture when we leave the same crooks in office year after year after year, and place the same ilk up for election every four years? No, we Americans wont fight, we wont resist, that would mean risking our big homes and expensive cars and boats, that would mean taking a personal stand and risking pissing the boss off and losing our prestigious job or title, that would mean getting away from our pornography and materialism and actually committing to something important. We learned a valuable lesson by watching the masses fall for the official story of the attacks on 9/11, a story more full of holes than a block of Swiss cheese. Many Americans are on the government dole, such as military and government employee retirees and would in no way risk that lucrative retirement check. Loyalty is spelled m-o-n-e-y. Makes one wonder, and appreciate the early fighters for freedom who gave up homes, finances and personal wealth, and their very lives to fight for their freedoms, the freedoms we have enjoyed for over two hundred years now. They are no doubt turning over in their graves with shame at modern America. We will believe anything that comes over the one eyed (politically controlled) monster called television and sworn to by the propagandist of the evening news. We have (as Orwell put it) been assimilated. Prove me wrong America. I would love to believe I am wrong. By the way, the framers of our "G-D Constitution" (as our leaders dubbed it) were by definition "terrorist." They resisted and fought against the Empire of the original King George. Finally, I am totally incensed at an American politician, especially a pResident, calling our Constitution "just a G-D piece of paper." That is tantamount to calling our flag just a G-D piece of worthless cloth when millions of American men and women have shed their precious blood for both for that piece of cloth and are shedding their blood today in an illegal war in an attempt to serve our nation, albeit having been lied to. We shouldn't blame these young men and women, they too believe they are doing America a good service in obeying a questionable leadership and being loyal to their sworn duty. One day they will come to terms over what they are doing. Millions of vets sit in their homes, or on the streets, or in nursing homes cripple, both physically and mentally from defending that wonderful piece of paper and that wonderful piece of cloth of red white and blue which represents all that is good in America, that represents the common man and woman in every small and large city and town throughout this great land. The very stripes on that flag represents the blood shed for this nation and the sacrifice of Mom's and Dad's and grandparents who gave up their children that we may continue to resist people like those who now control our highest offices of government today, those who would steal our liberties and freedoms. This alone is enough to throw these gangsters out of the country as hostile enemies. Even with all of our faults in America, a land of people who have historically been the first to respond to the people of the world when disaster strikes with money, food and medical aid, when that flag passes in review it still brings tears to one's eyes and chills of pride up our spines (I am not ashamed to say it does this to me). This (tears and pride) is out of respect for all who have paid the price for the freedoms that are now being stolen away in Washington, not out of nationalistic fanaticism. Just who are these cretins who dare defame our nation and beliefs, or freedoms? Bottom line is, we resist while we have the means to resist, not after the fact when the enemy has control. It is easier to fight from the protection of woods and trees (with like minded friends/patriots and resources) than from behind barbed wire fences on empty stomachs and armed guards watching every move. The signs are hitting us all right in the face today, we will be without excuse. As the saying goes, we can't see the forest for the trees. Think people, think! I'm not advocating violence, I am suggesting we utilize our democratic weapons of government, by the people, of the people, and for the people, to make needed and drastic changes. I asked a guy if he thought ignorance and apathy were our biggest problems here in America, he said, I don't know and I don't care, as he slumped back in front of his computer with his beer and chips, sending cute little porno jokes and spiritual greetings to his Internet friends. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burned. That about sums it up.


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