Thursday, April 13, 2006

Merry Christmas

In the four months that Barney (the cat eating brains at the top of this) has lived with us we haven't seen him get angry. He's been naughty, curious, bitchy, sick, loving, playful, hungry, annoying, scared, fascinated and naughty*. He's a keen hunter when we hide treats around the house and clearly his mother taught him some mad skills when he was a kitten. But we've never seen him get mad. Today my dad stopped by for a quick visit with his Yellow Lab 'Lady Jane' which he takes everywhere he goes. She's from a puppy mill, not too bright but not mean. She can be trusted off a leash. Dad was here to drop off a cart so I could move some stones in the garden. We sat for a while and left the dog out side. Dad hadn't seen Barney yet, Barney liked him when they met and even did his trick (video of that coming some day soon.) Just before my Dad left we brought the dog inside to see how Barney would react. Barney was fine when the dog walked up the front steps and to the storm door. No sign of fear. Dad and the dog came into the front hall. Barney puffed up, hissed and tried to swipe. His tail was like a balloon that you twist animals out of. I put him in the bathroom quickly to let him calm down. Dad and the dog left. I let Barney out and he stayed puffy until he was satisfied that the dog was gone. So now I know what it sounds like when Barney is pissed off. I never want to hear that sound again.

(* I know I said naughty twice. He can be really naugty. I'm not kidding about the naughty. But then that is his job.)

Also, I really should have added a link that actually went to the windmill story I mentioned. It's now in my best hits.


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