Monday, May 15, 2006

So That's Why My Eyes Fell Out

We interrupt this blog with the following important announcement.

Bausch & Lomb have announced a global recall of ReNu brand contact lens disinfectant containing 'MoistureLoc' technology. I happen to have a couple bottles sitting right here and it appears that the MoistureLoc is a solution of poloxamer, polyquaternium-10 and alexidine. Frankly I'm not so sure there's any appreciable difference between ReNu with or without MoistureLoc. It sounds to me like an excuse to change the packaging and add a buck to the price. Consumers always fall for new packaging and a longer list of ingredients. Now I'm not saying Bausch & Lomb have ripped anyone off here. I'm sure they tested the product and found it to be safe for human consumption in lab conditions. The FDA concluded that ReNu wasn't contaminated or caused the fungus problem, just contributed to the likelihood of increasing the chances of getting eyeball fungus. It's just one of those things that couldn't be anticipated or accounted for until it occurred in the field. As for Bausch & Lomb, they did what they were supposed to do. They pulled the product and have been very transparent during the investigation. There have only been about a hundred ReNu users who have contracted the fungus. It will be cheap, in corporate terms, to just settle with each individual with a valid complaint. I don't foresee any debilitating class action. Merely scaring customers is very different from actually harming them. Right now would be a great time to purchase stock in B&L. Contact lens solutions aren't their only product and the rest of the company is extremely strong. They were over $80 before the scandal broke. They're at a 40% discount today. Act now. Offers this good won't last.


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