Sunday, May 20, 2007

Famous For 15 Minutes

Last night Saturday Night Live showed a cartoon making fun of ALL the presidential candidates. Except for two. Ron Paul and Mike Gravel both are men that look their adversary in the eye and demand that the debate be honest and meaningful.

The news media, pwned by 7 white men who want to rule the world is really showing contempt for America. If they can't control what these men say in real life they won't even give them mention in a satyrical cartoon. It seems that General Electric has decided that Ron & Mike are not going to be candidates in the next election cycle. Afterall, teasing them about their candidacy legitimizes that person as a candidate.

Suddenly John Cusack's outburst in the movie Bob Roberts makes total sense. Afterall, SNL was the show that gave us this once and then pulled it from reruns. Some say it's because it's not funny. Others see more conspiracy. It's possible it's both.

Or maybe it's conspiracy. It's sad when a valid candidate for public office is ignored because they're viewed as a threat to the media. Remember it's that media who feel it's their divine right to hand pick who the voters will believe the vote machines choose to govern us. If it weren't for the internet you and I wouldn't be discussing Ron Paul right now. Not because this is a web log but because last night all the TV news was about Farrah Faucett having cancer and Anna Nicole Smith is still dead.

Lisa's grandfather loves to watch TV news so it's on in our house every day. There is not one god damned bit of useful information on that box. Tom asked me why I can't stand to watch TV news. I told him that every minute we listen to crap about dead sluts is a minute we're not learning anything useful. It made him cry. I hope it's because he sees the damage Entertainment Tonight does to America's collective psyche. Lisa thinks it's because I insulted his favorite TV show.

In any event, for 2 hours last night I watched the news and can't tell you a damn thing that I saw that was useful in any way. What I did notice was an absence of real important issues. I get my news online. Nuno gets his from TV. Everything he knows and believes is filtered by men who want to take everything away from him. Starting with his money and ending with his choice of who will govern my future.

I may not be any smarter but I know when I'm being disrespected through the lie of omission. If SNL is going to make fun of the presidential candidates make fun of them all. Ron Paul isn't the invisible man the TV wishes he was. And now we know he scares you.

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Blogger Adorable said...

Excellent post. Everything you say is correct. I do however watch TV news every now and again. I like to see what the public is being told. I believe in knowing my enemies. It has it's value.

However, I have a Nuno-ette in my life. It's their generation. There was a time when TV was safe. Though it was before you and I were born, there was a time. It's kind of sweet watching them yell at the news and the TV wishing for that time to come back. I think they know they are being lied to, but feel powerless to change that. That's why they have us.


May 21, 2007, 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger RicketyFunk said...

I really appreciated this post Dean. It's given me some hope for the future. I would vote for either candidate for president. I probably will anyway. No need to let the ballot decide for me.

But then the issue with Televised News... it's not anything new, and there are bundles of information to sort through on the internets. I can't blithely state when propaganda began... 50, 100, 10,000 years ago, but it's been a part of American society for a long time. It just changes shape with technology.

May 22, 2007, 1:41:00 PM  
Blogger alex said...

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May 26, 2007, 6:12:00 AM  
Blogger Bry said...

Hmm...when did propaganda begin?

Propaganda began when we settled into agricultural-based societies. That's when we stopped living in groups of 20-50, where you knew everyone around you and your enemy was hunger, disease and large animals. Possibly other humans when it came to hunting territory, but there were not that many people on the planet.

When we settled down all of a sudden we had surplus food. So we had people who didn't need to grow to live. So we had leaders. And leaders created armies with that surplus so they could stay in power and protect their sheep. And there were more and more people, so you didn't know everyone anymore. Then there were other agricultural communities taking up good arable land. And armies to fight them. And leaders to tell the armies why some other community deserves arable land less than they did.


Just a thought.

May 28, 2007, 1:07:00 PM  

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