Friday, February 17, 2006


Some of my more observant fans may have noticed some subtle changes to this site. For starters, I’m posting much more frequently then I had in the past. This has less to do with my free time and everything to do with the handful of speed I take three times a day.

There’s a pair of counters at the very bottom of the page that I put in last week for kicks. The first counter being unique hits and the second being total hits. The unique hits are somewhat unclear as to how unique they are. The counter ticks up for each new IP addresses that visits. That means if you have a dynamic address that changes every dialup or boot up it will count your return visit as a new one. (I think Comcast assigns dynamic addresses. My PSU fans will have static addresses.) I have no way of knowing exactly who has a static address verses a dynamic one but I believe that ratio is pretty high. The other counter is total hits so every page hit ticks that counter up. Between the two I get some idea of the traffic I’ve been getting.

The most notable change however, is the inclusion of advertising. Yes, I’ve sold out to Google’s Adsense. It shouldn’t be too garish unless your browser supports the blink tag. Just a simple box or two to click on if y’all are interested. Oh and my obnoxious blinking (if your browser supports it) plea for you to click on the ad.

How does Adsense work? Well, the little box dynamically feeds an advertisement based on the key words in my blog. As the blog is pretty much a stream of conscious free form my keywords are all over the map. So are the ads. I’ve seen adds for GM Roadside Assistance, job searching, veterinary medicine, blogging, increasing traffic to your site, RMV drivers license searches, Katrina Relief, spyware removal and my favorite ad so far; hydraulic lowrider conversions for any automobile. Now that I have those keywords in my blog I expect to see them in rotation even more.

So how’s the advertising doing? The jury is still out on that one. The first day it was up Google made $50.65 of which I will receive $1.47. Yesterday I had more hits, and click throughs but Google made nothing so I will receive nothing. I’m not expecting much out of today either. So we’ll see if my writing is worth reading in a financial sense or if it’s just some vanity project and I should get a real hobby.

So if you’re reading this and you know that you have a Static IP Address please let me know. I’d like to know if it’s the same 4 new IP’s racking up total hits every day or if I have more readers than I think.

Finally, if you’re the person who bought something on Wednesday through an ad on this site I’d love to know which ad worked.


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