Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney's Got A Gun!

Another thing that bothers me is how Cheney was on a 'canned hunt'. There was no need to swing wildly at the bird he thought he was shooting at. All the birds were farm raised and had their wings clipped so they were incapable of full flight. Having been farm raised they had lost their natural fear of humans and wouldn't have been in any great hurry to get away anyway. So why was Cheney so hell bent on shooting when his target was uncertain?

It bothers me that the ruling class is going on staged hunts to shoot at captive prey a few feet from their car. Cheney probably would have gotten the same rush by shooting at highway signs from the dirt shoulder. French Royalty used to hold staged hunts on the back lawn. Too fat and useless to hunt in the woods, French Nobility would have the servants go out and flush game. I hear sometimes the servants got shot too. Oh well. Pheasant... Peasant... What's one little h worth?

We need to storm the Bastille.


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