Saturday, May 06, 2006

By The Power Of Grayskull Part 2

Oh my god. I am too drunk. Thanks to a $60 bottle of 18 year old Scotch, I am entirely tooo fucked up. It's a ggood tning too. If I touched your boobies tonight, they were spectacular. Still I have to get this off my chest.,,
I am sincere when I say that although Janey amy have larger volume and Didi has muscle behind hers Lisa still has more volume and definition/muscle. I did marry all the bang for my buck.

I'm not saying that because I'm married to Lisa, it's my educated opinion. However, if I wasn't married to LIsa I'd say that the guy who came with the lesbians has the second best tits at the party.

Dave, I promise to never connect my foot to your nuts ever.

Oh yeah, I hear a Kennedy got into a car accident. I'm not the least bit s8urprised;.

Also, did I halucinate or did a really hot but slutty looking pregnant woman bring a dog to the party?


Anonymous coffeesnob said...

1. I'm glad to discover you are a connoisseur of boobies.
2. Yes, the slutty pregnant woman is my neighbor, she has a limping puppy.

May 7, 2006, 9:02:00 AM  

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