Friday, May 26, 2006

My Philosophy

I'm not a libertarian. I am a Massachusetts Republican. Which means I don't want to be taxed so that some third world baby factory can get welfare but I don't mind it if my less then affluent peers get their fiscally crippling medical bills covered. I also think drugs are a better source of tax revenue then as a reason for building up a tremendous prison labor pool. I think abortion is murder but realize a little murder goes a long way toward preventing a great deal more misery further down the line. On that front I'd support welfare paying for Seasonale so we don't have to kill any babies in the first place. (I've probably offended two of my closest friends just now. Sorry about that. I still love you, I hope you can forgive me.) I'm pro death penalty but only in the most bullet proof of cases and after a lengthy appeals process. (Perhaps two trials or a jury of 24 or even 36 with a 3/4 instead of unanamous decision, to make it fair for both sides.) I don't believe a man is a rapist because he's a man and some woman said so. I believe a man deserves the same anymnity a woman gets in the press when rape allegations are made but no trial has yet to conclude guilt. I do believe anyone found guilty of rape by a court, not by the Dean's office or Human Resources Department deserves the harshest treatment possible. I don't believe what someone does with their own property is anyone elses business unless it damages the neighbors property. Go ahead and park a car on blocks and paint the house neon green and purple just do something about the god damned weeds in the lawn before they prove how invasive they are in my lawn.

Most of all I don't want to over tax and regulate and nanny state businesses straight out of the Commonwealth. I want to put my money where my mouth is and say windmills are good, a couple towers in the salt marshes aren't going to dry up the wetlands and it beats having the largest employer in town deciding to go to a state that doesn't care about the environmnet. The blue salamanders are never coming back and the turtles aren't endangered anymore. It's time to admit much of the EPA and the ESA is bullshit designed to keep property owners from fully utilizing their property without having the neighbors cough up the money to buy it out from under them.

I also don't care about what homosexuals do so long as the gay men don't do it in front of me and the lesbians let me watch.

You clicked on the lesbian link didn't you!


Blogger TommyOkktane said...

It's like...I don't even know you anymore.

Quick "me me me" aside: I was called a "fag liberal" and a "asshole conservative in a span of an hour the other day by two different people. So don't feel bad if people don't know your leanings. The lines have blurred considerably.

May 25, 2006, 10:50:00 PM  

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