Sunday, December 31, 2006

And It Will Fuck Up Race Week

Fresh on the heels of 'The Great Massachusetts Windmill Controversey Slash Class War' I bring you further proof that our political class hates Bostons North Shore.

Unlike windmills which will sit there a half mile apart the Liquid Natural Gas terminal will attract big ships into some of our nations most fertile fishing grounds, particularly lobster grounds. It will also dramatically affect private yachting in the area. Ignore for a moment the effects of the ships propellers or bilge pumps. Consider the fact that the ships themeslves are given priority traffic and have a half mile restriction zone around them. That means that no private vessel may navigate through the shipping zones as the big ships come in. Take a look at that map. If there are two dozen LNG tankers in the waters off Cape Ann each spread a half mile apart while they wait for their connection to the pipeline it will be impossible to navigate out of any of the coves and harbors around Salem Sound. That means no lazy gunkholing out of Manchester-By-The-Sea, no Marblehead Harbor, no whale watches out of Salem. There will be no bi-annual race from Marblehead to Halifax Nova Scotia, one of yachtings oldest traditions. It will be the end of the Gloucester Schooner Festival. These are the reasons why people pay some of the highest real estate prices (and taxes) to live here. Take away our access to the Gulf of Maine and we're nothing more then a bedroom community for commuters on 128.

If only there was a Kennedy still in politics who cares about the environment to rally against the destruction of our Northshore traditions. Oh wait. There is. There's a Kennedy who doesn't want an LNG terminal built in Fall River. Unless my knowlege of geography and plate tectonics is faulty, Fall River is down there south of Boston. Suspiciously close to the Cape.

Fuck Ted Kennedy.


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