Saturday, June 24, 2006

Now That's Good TV

"Family Guy" famously came back from the dead through fan support on the lesser cable networks and DVD sales. Now there are fairly credible rumors that Futurama may yet come back to life. Today* one of my many fondest of childhood memories is coming back for just one day. (doodly doodly doodly dooodly... arrrrgh arrrgh!)

The real question is, why can't Mystery Science Theater 3000 come back in some form? Christ on a cracker, I'd even accept some sort of "MST3K Next Generation" or even a total suckfest "Deep Space MST3K". Dammit. I miss that show. Let's get the ball rolling. I'm good for a another few bucks for another Variety ad. How about a "MST3K we haven't forgotten you!" ad. That should get some attention.

* OK, Yes I am in the habit of writing these three days ahead and haven't actually watched 'Creature Double Feature' yet but I assure you I will be watching when it does air. Taping it too, just to get that theme song so I can sample it and make it my official 'Dean Rules!' embedded background sound.


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