Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This Will Go Down On Your Permanent Record

Adolescent ADD is a predictor of poor driving habits? OK you got me. In my case it probably is. Damn. I knew that week long intensive battery of cognitive testing my 5th grade guidance counselor made me go into Tufts Medical for was peering into my very soul. "It'll be a fun week off from school." They said. "You'll play logic games and do puzzles." They said.

My parents medical insurance paid for it so somewhere on my medical records this info sits like a ticking time bomb. It's only a matter of time before my health insurance merges with my car insurance company and decides I'm a high risk driver because I had/have ADD. It's not like Geico isn't penalizing those who didn't go to grad school on their car insurance rates. I know I'm picking on Geico but if they do it you know the other agencies are salivating at the idea of jacking rates.

In another related point... From the article:
"As teenagers, they experienced more behavior problems, less social competence and more friendships with antisocial peers."
How can you have a friendship with antisocial peers? It's like electing an anarchist atheist to be Pope.

Anyway,"...friendships with antisocial peers." I think they mean you Marty.

And in another somewhat nebulously related point. 5AM baby! Much too late to be going to sleep now.


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