Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I was thinking of doing a best of post or perhaps a list of the big events from this past year like Didi did. But then I thought I'll just list the things that made me the happiest during 2006.

7 Lazy hammocks and Sam Adams Beer. (Especially the nice letter and refund check Jim Koch sent me for a bad bottle of Tripple Bock.)

6 Channel 56 brought back "Creature Double Feature." Twice.

5 My blog coined the phrase "bum goodies" and made it a viable career choice.

4 Lisa and I now own 13 acres worth of the Town Of Wenham and we don't have to deal with the sex offender tennant any more. And it looks like the town will be running the sewer lines past us so we don't have to deal with Title 5.

3 Lisa and I can concieve children and are approved for 3 more IVF treatments. The clock is ticking again.

2 I have a job I love.

1 Barney.

0 Lisa.


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