Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's Just Like In That Stupid Movie Where The Aliens Turned Out To Be Jody Fosters Father

Science Fiction is full of stories about how some alien culture hears our forgotten radio and television signals as they slowly make their way accross the universe at light speed. I Love Lucy signals may just be being picked up by an alien race whose eyes see in the VHF radio band the way we see the spectrum between 400 & 700 nanometers as visible light. We're giving them bizzare hallucinations of interracial marriage that they probably have no chance of comprehending. Still other more advanced alien civilizations may be worshipping Charlie's Angels the way Pacific Islanders started cargo cults after WWII ended and the American GI's went home. So it occurs to me that with much of the intercontinental internet and telephone traffic carried by satellite and thus microwave radio there must be some signal bleed into space. I think that my blog, which we know is read all over the world, may be feeding packets of my choicest musings to far away alien races. Perhaps there's even a SETI@Home project in some red shifting galaxy trying to figure out just what the fuck I'm talking about.


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