Sunday, October 07, 2007

Part One

I don’t even know where to begin. My weekend has been riding on a high for days now and it’s not even Sunday. I should start from the beginning. Wednesday was parents’ night. I put on a show for 7 minutes and then the bell rings and the parents are ushered into another teacher’s room. I love parents’ night. If I can’t impress the parents in 7 minutes I have no business standing in front of their kids for 90 minutes. At one point during the evening one of the parents said that he really liked my presentation style. I saw a lot of parents nodding their heads at each other. Plus, I was the only teacher who thanked the parents for paying for a new high school.

A little piece of personal trivia that many don’t know is that I teach with Rachel’s mother. I think it’s funny when students find out that Carol and I were friends long before we started teaching together. Many of our colleagues are shocked to learn that I celebrate Christmas Eve with her every year. (My Dads house breaks up around 9pm now that my grandmother isn’t making us wait until midnight to open presents. It leaves me with plenty of time to go over 30 O....)

Wednesday afternoon Carol and Rachel came up to my classroom. I have the last classroom in the building, it really is at the end of the school. When the principal and superintendent come to my floor to spot evaluate us they forget I’m there. I also have the second largest room because I got all the space that was left over. The teacher with the largest room got what he wanted for being the only teacher to actually sit down with the architect. He had to give up his prep room but he got more floor space.

Carol brought Rachel up to see my room before the start of parents’ night. Rachel’s reaction to my classroom is “Oh my god, you really are an adult now.” She’s right to be shocked. How I got to become a pillar of the community is beyond my capacity to understand. I do my teacher on parents night performance for her and she’s impressed.

In all, it was a pretty good night for me.

Thursday night I drove up to the Apple Store in Salem, NH. My 12in PowerBook G4 is dieing. It’s time for a new computer. I was going to get the Black MacBook and upgrade the memory. For about two hundred bucks more I could get the low end MacBook Pro. I really didn’t want to spend the money and I really didn’t want to get something so big. I wish I could get another 12in sub-notebook. I waffled over plain MB or MB Pro for an hour. The store employees thought I was funny going from one computer to the other. In the end I decided that there was enough stress in my life and I didn’t want to learn a new keyboard. I went with the Pro. I saved $600 for being a teacher with iPhone rebates and leaving Taxachusetts.

To be continued…

And it's a fucking great story!

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