Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Quit

Well, I did get rehired. The union threw a fit because the administration did not follow contract with my dismissal. I don't want to stick around next year if the principal feels he needs to keep me on a short leash.

I had a couple interviews. The town I grew up in was one. The other is run by one of my Brothers. The ring opened the door but I was really prepared. I floored them. I knew things about their department that they didn't. I was charming. I was 100% full on. I had 3 interviews with 5 people over 3 days. (I was also very aware that I was interviewing with the various secretaries at every door.) My last interview was to talk salary. I knew they pay better. We negotiated by the boxes and I got exactly the box I would have landed in at the old job. I could have gone down a box and still made more.

I have a verbal agreement waiting for a CORI check to clear and in a day I should have a contract. I'm going to one of the top schools in the state and one of the original US News & World Reports top 200 High Schools. I'm also getting an administration that supports the teachers. There is no duty in the first year I just teach. After that there is no lunch duty, just study hall. They pay 3% up to $800 in 403(b). They pay 80% (swamp pays 60%) of the health and 70% (swamp pays 0%) dental. I also got a $5,000 raise (when you take into consideration that 20% difference in the insurance payment.)

I am a happy man but also saddened. The commute is the same amount of time but it takes me even further away from Marblehead and the city. I am also walking away from a bullet proof reputation within the community. And I would float. I wouldn't have my own classroom. But I think I do get a private office. It's still a better deal.

So ultimately I win by losing. I am unwilling to risk my career as a pawn between the union and the principal. I can't stay. The upside is I got a fucking raise.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Where Ya Been?

A word and a number will answer that question.

XBOX 360

I find shooting the people on my buddy list (mostly my students) in the head on Grand Theft Auto 4 to be a far better outlet for my personal issues than blogging. At least it's more satisfying. (especially my students) I especially like stealing a helicopter, jumping out at altitude and then crushing people (again my students) with my corpse as I hit the ground.

So what brought me out of my virtual paradise?

It seems that some one somewhere is trying rile up my generation. These little blips are starting to be epidemic. Each comes just in enough time after the last so that it doesn't seem like we're all just copying each others one thought.

The only other bit of writing I've done is a detailed response to the staggering and appalling errors in my performance review. Perhaps when the dust all settles I can share it with you. Until then you can find me on Xbox Live under "TedKnedysCar".

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